cypherpunk106 Moves In

Hello everybody! One of my assignments this week was to use Hero Machine to design and create a representation of cypherpunk106. After creating cypherpunk106, I was to place them into a setting that makes sense. Once again, there was an extra optional challenge to make this assignment a gif. Being the overachiever I am, I decided to accept that challenge.

Below is my final products. The first gif is cypherpunk106 in color chilling in their office. The next gif is a heavy edit that I thought would lend to cypherpunk106’s badass attitude.

Behind the Process

To start this assignment, I went into Hero Machine and started making cypherpunk106. I decided to start with a template and then adjust all the aspects to what I liked. This helped because I found that creating your body from scratch is hard and it was way easier to adjust a template. I found it really fun to mess around with all the clothes and accessories I could give my character. When I was done, I exported the character as a transparent PNG.

After finishing my character, I had to figure out where to place them. This is where I got really lucky as last week as part of my character development I made this office space for cypherpunk106. I think that this is something I did well because through reusing the office I was almost extending the story of cypherpunk106. I was really creating a sense of place and developing their character.

So, I simply re-downloaded the office video I made and inserted cypherpunk106 into there. I also put the classic MTV over their face because cypherpunk106 likes to go anon. I then exported the video and made it into a gif. I found the first gif very boring so I learned how to add a cool filter and frame to it. This is something I want to improve as I partly used the filter to cover up the ~horrible~ dithering on my gif. So something I wish I could get was a higher quality gif in order to avoid having to use a filter.

All in all, I liked continuing creating cypherpunk106 and their narrative. I definitely want to keep creating a history and story for cypherpunk106 in the next few weeks.

Well, that is it for now everyone. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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