Final Spiral

Hello everybody. Today I am going to walk you through all of my work I did the past two weeks. This includes my Final Projects and my Daily Creates. To begin I’ll talk about my Daily Creates and… Read More

From RejoovenEsence With Love

Hello everybody! For my last assignment of the week I decided to make a Destination Postcard for “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood. I liked the premise of this project because I love postcards. Growing up, my family would… Read More

Risky Adventure

Hello everyone! I AM EXHAUSTED. I decided to do the Create Your Own Adventure assignment. I saw it and went “that will be fun” and it was, but bro, shits hard. Essentially, I made my own game (which… Read More

Ode to Oryx

Hello everyone! Today I had a breakthrough (breakdown?) and decided to use GarageBand to make a theme song for my novel. I chose this assignment because I wanted to learn how to make music (finally). Below is my… Read More

Moving Picture Magic

Hello everyone! Chris and I finally finished our video for class. It was a lot of work, but really fun. Here is our video. Behind the Process Since my last post, Chris and I filmed our video in… Read More

Don’t You Forget About Me

Hello everybody! This week I was able to watch the movie “28 Days Later”. To be completely honest, I absolutely hate zombie movies. Like really hard. So this movie, with its pseudo infected/zombie, was not my jam. However,… Read More

Inter-Plan-It Janet

Hello everybody! So this week I decided to torture myself and choose the Video Assignments: Path Two. This means that I get to make a video in a group! Yeah! Jokes. Chris and I asked/begged Martha to let… Read More

Dreaming Remix

Hello everybody! This week I was tasked with picking an assignment I have already completed and remix it. I like to leave things in the past and not try to redo things, so I decided to remix a… Read More

Radio Ga Ga Radio Goo Goo

Hello everybody! It feels like a millennium since I have written a blog post. Since my last post, my group, Alt-F4 has completed our radio show. Below is our radio show. Behind the Process We had somewhat of… Read More

Gif It Good

Hello everybody! This week I met with my group, Alt-F4, and started working on our radio show. We really got to dig deep and talk about what we want for our show. Needless to say, it’s going to… Read More