From RejoovenEsence With Love

Hello everybody! For my last assignment of the week I decided to make a Destination Postcard for “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood. I liked the premise of this project because I love postcards. Growing up, my family would send me postcards from around the world. I guess this is where my passion for postcards comes from. Below is my finished product.

Behind the Process

I started with a Canva Postcard template and found one that ironically said “From Paris With Love”. I had already decided to name my post “From RejoovenEsence With Love”, so this was very funny to me (maybe I’m just not that unique). I chose a font for the RejoovenEsence section and adjusted the boldness of the other two boxes. I then went to Photoshop and worked on the background image for my postcard. I found an apocalyptic city background that I liked and inserted it into my Photoshop project. I then created Neon text that said RejoovenEsence to make it look like the compound from Oryx and Crake. Afterwards I found a man from behind to put into the postcard. I had to cut him out and decrease the saturation to make him look like a shadow. I also decided that I wanted to put a pigoon in the postcard because that is a huge plot point in “Oryx and Crake”. I also had to cut the pigoon out and erase some of the non-essential parts. Cutting out the objects was somewhat difficult for me. Because I was taking them from photos, it was hard to get a clean line. So, I had to go back and clean up the lines with the eraser tool in Photoshop. If I could go back, I would spend more time making sure that the lines were better and not as sloppy.

I decided that the front of the card didn’t really tell a story and that it needed another element to it to round it out. Thus, I decided to write a backside that was Snowman/Jimmy writing to Oryx. I wrote up what I thought Jimmy would write to Oryx while he was in the RejoovenEsence compound. I then went into Canva and duplicated my previous template. I then added lines and a paper background. I adjust the font and sizing. I decided to be very extra and make the sticker a pigoon sticker. This little detail is something I think I did well. Whenever I look at any work, whether digital or physical, I love the little details that when you notice them add a little je ne sais quoi to the work. After I finished the postcards, I put them into Juxtapose to give it almost a feeling of flipping over the postcard and reading it. Juxtapose is one of my favorite pieces of software because it is really easy to use and heightens the experience of your work.

I really enjoyed making my postcards and writing the blurb on the back. I always find it fun to enter into a characters head and try and see things from their perspective. Therefore, this assignment was really enjoyable for me and I would do it again if given a choice.

That is it for now folks, I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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