Final Spiral

Hello everybody. Today I am going to walk you through all of my work I did the past two weeks. This includes my Final Projects and my Daily Creates. To begin I’ll talk about my Daily Creates and… Read More

Transducer Producer

Hello everybody! This week has meant a lot of learning and new experiences. To start of the week, I decided to do a Daily Create even though I didn’t need to. The prompt was to illustrate a Winston Churchill… Read More

Video Snob

Hello everybody! This week has been fun and a lot of work. To start off this week I made a pretty rockin’ Daily Create. I was tasked with taking a sequence from a film and setting it to… Read More

Pivotal Visual

Hello everybody! This week has been a lot of scattered work here and there. Mainly, this week has meant suffering and using my brain a lot. This week I decided to submit more Daily Create ideas because I’m… Read More

Highway to Video Week

Hiya everybody! This week has been a lighter work week for the class. This means that I’ve been able to recharge my creativity batteries and mentally prepare myself for the two weeks of video work ahead. To start… Read More


Hello everybody! These last two weeks have felt like forever. I feel totally out of my DS106 rhythm!! To start off this two week process, I forgot to do the first required Daily Create on February 27. To… Read More

You’ve Got Mail

Hello everyone! Week 6 is over and that makes me sad because I really liked this weeks’ work. I really did enjoy thoughtfully creating and using the skills I learned through our design lessons. I started this week… Read More

Voyage of A Hammer

Hello everybody! It’s the end of Week 5 and boy has it been a lot. To start off this week I tuned into the ds106 radio. I tuned in on Thursday so I was able to listen to… Read More

We’ll Always Have Paris

Hello everyone! So this is it for Week 4. Despite the lighter workload, I still struggled this week to keep up. Below I am going to give you a quick overview of the work I did and analyze… Read More

This Post Needs More Cowbell

Hello everyone! This week has been crazy hectic. I feel like I haven’t stopped doing assignments! So I am going to run through my assignments and talk about them. I have linked to them if you want to… Read More