All Those TV’s

Hello everyone! Today am I going to introduce you to cypherpunk106, who is my character. They’re pretty cool, so I’m excited to introduce you to them.

I actually somewhat chose cypherpunk106’s archetype way way back and wrote a post about it here. To remind y’all, I chose the axpert archetype. Axpert is a combination of the Archivist and Expert archetypes. An axpert has the characteristics of the Archivist as they collect/hoard technology and the characteristics of the expert as they proficiently use the tech they hoard. In essence, an axpert is very skilled and can masterfully use older technology.

My character likes to be anonymous and goes by cypherpunk106 usually. cypherpunk106 likes to be security conscious, so you’ll never see them use their name on an open channel (or any channel for that matter).

Some other personality traits of cypherpunk106 includes:

  • Nostalgia for the good old days
  • Biting sarcasm
  • Overuse of the word “kid”
  • Slightly masochistic
  • Prefers to spend time alone
  • Can be relentlessly moody
  • Workaholic
  • Plays off depressing backstory™️ with self deprecating humor

cypherpunk106 has a somewhat of a weird past. Throughout cypherpunk106’s life, they lost people close to them. This loss didn’t always mean death, sometimes people close to cypherpunk106 went crazy or stopped talking to cypherpunk106. This series of losses lead cypherpunk106 to grow detached emotionally from most people. That being said, cypherpunk106 can be fiercely loyal to people who support them.

On a happier note, cypherpunk106 grew up on reruns of 90’s shows like “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and “Boy Meets World. The environment portrayed in these shows lead cypherpunk106 to grow attached to the 90’s. This obsession explains cypherpunk106’s love for the late 90’s band, The Strokes. In the 90’s, cypherpunk106 finds their ideal world even though deep down they know it was just as screwy as it today is.

The assignment I chose to continue demonstrating who cypherpunk106 is the “All Those Books” assignment.  I chose this assignment because it appealed to my creative side and allowed me to mess around more in Final Cut Pro. Below is my result.

Behind the Process 

For the “All Those Books” Assignment I had to make the ideal work space for cypherpunk106. I was tasked with filling the space with items that cypherpunk106 would like. After some brainstorming and looking at some inspiration, I came up with the following items to put in cypherpunk106’s room.

  1. Stack of TVs with 90’s shows on
  2. iMac G3
  3. The Strokes poster
  4. Bookshelf with books
  5. Speaker stacks

I decided to do a video instead of an image just so I could make the shows on the TV move. With my ideas ready, I went to Final Cut Pro and worked my magic. My magic being compounding the *hell* out of my clips, transforming, adding music and all around tomfoolery. I do have to say that this was quite fun, even though it took me a while.

One difficult thing about this assignment was finding images that worked with the perspective. I could not find a good wooden desk that was also transparent for a long time. I really had to dive deep in the inter-webs for good images. In fact, something I want to improve is finding a better speaker image. I could not for the life of me find a transparent speaker image that was flat on the desk. IT KILLED ME. Looking back, I probably could have sucked it up and just found an image and then made it transparent. But, I am lazy so I did not.

Something I learned through this assignment was the *amazing* value of the compound clip feature in Final Cut Pro. Genuinely, I owe this project to that feature. Having the ability to simplify my timeline and go back and adjust was tremendous. Guys, I think I am in love with Final Cut Pro.

In this assignment, I found it easy to download and insert my audio. Of course, I went with “Between Love and Hate” by The Strokes. I also found it easy to add some room tone to the audio. Fortunately, Final Cut Pro has really great audio effects that I was able to spice up the music with.

Overall, I think I did well on this assignment. I liked that I was able to search around the Internet for images/objects that I feel represent cypherpunk106. If I had a choice, I would definitely do this again. If I did it again, I wouldn’t make it a video but a 360 photo. I think that a 360 photo would be a little more interactive.

Well, that is it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

5 Comments on “All Those TV’s

  1. I love the screens playing in a still picture. Having close to zero experience with Final Cut Pro I enjoy seeing the various ways in which it could be used that I haven’t even imagined. Sometimes just seeing someone use a tool differently makes you see things in a new way.
    Glad you are with us to the end cypherpunk106.

    • I agree. It is always good to see the ways that we all use tools so we can be inspired by each other. And if you ever want to learn Final Cut Pro, I’d be more than willing to teach you. It’s an amazingly fun software to play with.

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