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Hello everybody! This week has been a lot of scattered work here and there. Mainly, this week has meant suffering and using my brain a lot.

This week I decided to submit more Daily Create ideas because I’m a masochist and a horrible human.

My first Daily Create idea was to create a playlist to play in the car while you’re escaping the apocalypse. The playlist can have music, audio clips or sound bites. Here is my example

My second Daily Create idea was to create a stop motion of yourself or of an item you own. Ironically, I forgot to put my example I did for this Daily Create. You can see my example on the domainosaur account as a Highlight called “to Europe”. Obviously, if I could go back and redo something I would make sure to include my example.

This week I was able to do a lot of readings and watchings. These really helped me write my script for my video and come up with ideas for the visual concept. I am really proud of my video essay that I did for my reflection as well. I thought hard about the cinematography techniques used in my scene from “Dr. Strangelove” and tried to express what I thought they meant. You can read my thoughts on my readings/watchings here and watch my video essay above.

This week I submitted another self evaluation. It was nice to reflect on my efforts in this class, specifically the radio show and how I have contributed to our DS106 community. I always enjoy self grading as I have to analyze the quality of my work and assign myself the grade I believe I should get.

As I alluded to earlier, I am making a group video (really just Chris and I) this next week. You can read about our idea and process here. I am really looking forward to the rest of this video assignment. We have a really good concept and I cannot wait to make it into a reality.

This week I was able to comment on some of my fellow classmates work.

The first post I want to shout out is Elizabeth Finto’s college snapshot video (above). I really liked the photos she chose as we were able to see her progression through college. I was really interested in the tools she used (SmileBox and the audio library on YouTube). Obviously through those tools and her creativity, she made an amazing video so I am curious at how easy they are to use.

Another post I want to shout out is Katie’s “How My Shoes Saw the Dawn of the Apocalypse” post. Her video was really fantastic. You can definitely tell that she consciously chose her shooting locations so that she could connect them into a story. I also really liked her shoes because as someone who owns a million pairs of chucks, this was up my alley. Watch Katie’s video above!   

Question of the Week

This week Martha asked

What question would you like to ask the class?

I would like to ask the class, what’s been your favorite assignment you have done thus far?

My favorite assignment has definitely been the radio show. It was really fun to work with a group who meshed and created a great show.

Well, that is it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.  

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4 Comments on “Pivotal Visual

  1. Hey Jenn,

    Great recap on the week! I am really excited about the short film assignment. Just like you stated, I am also trying to get stronger on the Daily Creates! We are almost to the end of the semester, Hang on!!!


    • Thank you! Your kind words of encouragement shall get me through this semester.

  2. Thanks for the feature!!!! Also that GIF that you used in the beginning is so accurate to how this week went. But awesome job with all of your work from this week!

    • My brain is for sure broken. And no worries! I love the work you put out.

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