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Hello everybody! So this week I decided to torture myself and choose the Video Assignments: Path Two. This means that I get to make a video in a group! Yeah!

Jokes. Chris and I asked/begged Martha to let us do a video together. Martha graciously allowed a two person group exception with one stipulation that our video must be 9 minutes long.

The night Martha gave us the exception I went to bed and dreamt up our video idea. Essentially, our video is going to be a “Where Are They Now?” documentary based off of our Alt-F4 Radio Show. The video is basically a follow up to all the shit that happened. So cypherpunk106 (my character) and Professor James (Chris’ character) will be interviewed on their life after the virus/CDE/arrest incident. I do have to say that there is going to be a nice, juicy climax and even some delicious discoveries.

I then texted this idea to Chris at a god awful hour (sleep is for the weak) and requested a meeting.

Chris and I got together the next day and brainstormed further. We basically talked through my idea and wrote down what we felt our characters would be doing at this point in their lives. We also started a rough outline of our video and filled in some minor details.

Then Chris and I got together yesterday to write the script. I started by writing a more formal outline of our video so that Chris and I could go back and write it up. We basically split the script into two sections; rising action and climax to falling action. Chris is an excellent writer who really has an amazing grasp on his character. He also has really good ideas on how to connect these two different characters in a unified story. During this meeting we also read our script to nail down the conversational tone and timing. I do have to say that Chris is also a great little actor.

We finished up our meeting and set a date for our recording session. In between now and then I will write down the camera angles and other techniques I want to use while recording. Doing this will ensure I get the footage I want and hopefully prevent me from doing any reshoots.

I really can’t wait to get into the Advanced Media Production studio and make this video. Hopefully it turns out as good as I hope.

Well, that is it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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2 Comments on “Inter-Plan-It Janet

  1. I can’t wait for this final product. I knew Professor James was going to come back to haunt us in this class. . .

    • Good old Professor James coming and haunting us 😂

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