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Hello everybody! For my last assignment of the week I chose the ¡Sounds Of Your City! Assignment. In this assignment I was tasked with recording different sounds I hear throughout the day. I then would take these sounds and overlay them on background music. Instead of recording sounds I hear everyday, I decided to take sounds from the Mad Max (1979) trailer. I chose to use the Mad Max trailer for this assignment because I have been thinking about that movie a lot since I watched it last week.

Below is my assignment.

Behind the Process

To begin this assignment, I downloaded the Mad Max (1979) trailer. I then opened it in Audacity and cut away all the narration. This left me with some good quotes and car sounds. I then went to the Free Music Archive from WFMU and found this amazing Lofi Hip Hop song called Soma by teeho x VYVCH. After discovering this track I tried to emulate the Lofi Hip Hop vibe. If you are unfamiliar with this genre of music check out this hilarious YouTube video. In Audacity, I shuffled the audio clips around and added some effects like changing the speed, adding reverb and fade in/out.

The difficult part of this assignment was the initial cutting away of the narration. Sometimes I got lost in the audio and had no idea what I was cutting. This confusion forced me to learn the keystrokes for zooming in and out on Audacity so I could cut things easier. Another thing I found difficult was trying to add some story element. I was working with really a random assortment of clips. So, I found it challenging to link these together into a working story.

In this assignment, I found it easy to change the amplification and bring out the dialogue. Moreover, I think that my attention the dialogue and trying to emphasize it was something I did well. On the other hand, something I want to improve was distorting the dialogue. Even though I want to draw attention to the dialogue, in order for it to fit into the Lofi hip hop genre, it needs to have more distortion and reverb. I tried to apply these effects, but I didn’t do it very well as it wasn’t noticeable.

In general, I liked this assignment because I got to think creatively in my use of audio and music. If I had a choice I would do this assignment again, but actually record audio of my surroundings and not cop out by using a trailer.

Thanks y’all for reading. I’ll catch you on the flipside.   

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