Hello everybody! Today I chose a product that I think will help me survive the apocalypse. The product I selected is the SHEWEE. If you are unfamiliar with the SHEWEE, it is a device that helps women to stand to urinate without removing any clothing. It’s amazing.

I think that this product will help me during the apocalypse because I will be out in the woods a lot and probably really far from a bathroom. And if I do find a bathroom it won’t be clean so I can always use this and not have to touch the toilet seat.

Below is my Amazon review for this product. Because SHEWEE is a large company, they had to review my comment. I do not think it will make it up on their Customer Review Section (but we’ll see). So here’s the review and an image I made to go along with the review.

Title: Getting Me Through The Apocalypse. Text: Thank god, I ordered this product for my camping trip a while ago because it comes so much in handy during this apocalyptic world we live in! Ever since the apocalypse, SHEWEE has been an absolute LIFESAVER. Ladies, if you are out there travelling and surviving with a group of men during this horrible apocalypse you already know what’s up. Being able to just whip this out in the woods and pee while dodging zombies and other scary people is 〰️god sent〰️. Not even kidding, I love my SHEWEE so much and it has made surviving so much easier. Thanks SHEWEE!!

Behind the Process 

One thing I found difficult about this assignment was deciding what product would help me during the apocalypse. Ironically, I was telling someone about a recent trip to West Virginia where we had no running water and how we all had to pee in the woods. That story inspired me to choose the SHEWEE for this assignment. After choosing the product, I found it easy to write a quick review for it. I also found it easy to make an accompanying photo for the review. I believe that the image is something I did well because it has a spooky forest, the product smack dab in the center and fun eye catching emojis. I learned in this assignment that some companies do review their comments section. I am surprised by this, especially since SHEWEE is a large company. I mean that’s a lot of comments to go through. Hopefully, my comment makes it up on their reviews section. 

Well, that it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.


SHEWEE tweeted me back with the most confusing reply ever. What 😂

And my customer review is up. Amazon & SHEWEE, y’all wild. 



  1. Good Review. All I could do is laugh, speaking of I am still laughing at this review. Not your review but the product. I’ve heard of these things but never actually seen one. I like how you used it tactically for when your on the go…..TO GO hahaha. Overall good review, I quite enjoyed it.

    • Thank you! I am glad that I could expand your horizons and expose you to the magic that is SHEWEE 😂

  2. I have never heard of this before!! I’m not sure that I would ever use it (but during the apocalypse, who knows), but I love the image you added to your post. This is definitely one of the more interesting (and funny) chosen items.

    • Thank you! I strive to choose the funny, obscure items.

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