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Hello everyone! Week 6 is over and that makes me sad because I really liked this weeks’ work. I really did enjoy thoughtfully creating and using the skills I learned through our design lessons.

I started this week off with a high as the mandatory Daily Create was the one I submitted! I absolutely loved seeing everybody’s take on what I wrote up. Some of them were funny and some even pulled at the ole heart strings a little. I was so proud of what everyone made that I indeed when on a little Twitter liking spree.

My first actual Daily Create of the week was to use the Movie Pitch Generator to come up with a fake movie plot. Then I was tasked to come up with the title for my fake movie and put it on a poster. I used Canva and came up with the image below. This is the work I want to improve this week. Let’s be real. That Joey edit is HORRIBLE. I was really lazy with this and could have exerted some more effort and edited in Joey a little bit better.

The next Daily Create I did was to make a apocalyptic logo with some inspiring/informative/despairing text. I found this nice little quote and then popped it into Canva. I used one of their templates in the beginning and then changed the colors and alignment to make it more of my own.

The next thing I did for DS106 was my readings and watchings. These readings and watchings really set the mood for the work I did this week. I wrote about how what I learned in this process here.

My first assignment of the week was a Design Blitz. This was a lot of fun for me because I was able to analyze designs and look at them through the lense of design principles.

One of the challenging assignments I did this week was create an alternative book cover for “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood. I rose to the challenge and made my book cover a gif (below). You can read about my process here

Another fun design assignment I did this week was to design my character. For the last few weeks I have been cypherpunk106, but now cypherpunk106 is their own person. This was a really great process because it turned cypherpunk106 into a separate thing who is bigger THAN ME NOW.

Because I am a smart person who likes to challenge themself, I only had to do 4 stars from the Assignment Bank. Thus I decided to do one 4 star assignment and really hit it out of the park. I decided to create a Valentine’s Day card that was cool and hip with it. This is the work I am most proud of this week. I really made a cool video with a lot of different elements. I of course did this at like midnight so I was in a weird mood. So the video makes NO SENSE but IT’S COOL RIGHT?

my behind the scenes for the video I made. honestly, someone give me an answer to this.

Another great thing that happened this week was forming our group. Being me, I decided to form A SUPERGROUP. Basically I recruited people who are good at things and would work well together. So, watch this space because I am sure we are going to dominate the work.

Also this week, I was able to hunt for some evidence. I am not sure what the evidence means, but I found this little paper on a table on the fourth floor of the HCC. I am looking forward to finding more evidence and putting all together. What does it mean? It means an opportunity to PEPE SILVIA IT.

This week I was able to read some of my classmates’ work. I especially want to shout out Rachel Harris and her Design Assignments post. Her Lost poster for Martha’s hat was hilarious and really reminded me of those “This is not your bag!” luggage tags. She also created an amazing font for her character. In fact it gave me some nice 70’s vibes, specifically of  The Mary Tyler Moore Show logo.

Another one of my classmates posts that I loved was Daniel’s alternative cover for “Galápagos” by Kurt Vonnegut. He chose a really beautiful color scheme and really showed that he internalized this weeks design lessons. I just really liked this cover and deadass at first though it was the real cover. Good job Daniel 👏

This week’s work meant to me an actual opportunity to sit and learn about what makes good design. For the last few years I have been making graphics for things, but without any background or real knowledge of what I was doing. Now I feel I have the techniques and knowledge to create skillfully.

Question of the Week

This week Martha asked:

“What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?”

The most successful group I was part of was when I was a leader in a girls organization when I was 13-15 years old. We experienced a little bit of a golden age when I was leading it in these years. When I first joined the organization at 12 years old, we didn’t have a lot of members and we’re in a slump. I joined during the end of the slump and then helped push the group out of this period in time. It wasn’t just my efforts that contributed to this “golden age”. It was the work of a lot of talented people who all knew their strengths and how to use these strengths to make us better and more competitive. I think that all of us finding our niche and communicating well is what led to the group working tremendously well.

Well, that is it for now. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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