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Hello everybody! This week has been fun and a lot of work.

To start off this week I made a pretty rockin’ Daily Create. I was tasked with taking a sequence from a film and setting it to a song. Instead of film, I decided to use Vines (bc rip Vine).

Once again, I decided to submit another Daily Create. My idea was for people to use videos from their phone to make an aesthetic video. They can set the video to music or leave it as raw audio. Here is an example. 

I also submitted a media assignment this week. My idea is called “Played From Another Room. Essentially, the person has to edit a song to sound like it is playing from another room. The audio should sound muffled and the bass should be prominent. The second part of this assignment is to write a weirdly specific description of your song. Here is an example of a description and here is an example of a Played From Another Room song.

This week I also was able to watch “28 Days Later” and complete a pretty rad assignment for it. You can see my reflection on movie and assignment alternate ending here.

In other news, I also completed my group video with Chris. You can read my video reflection post on my assignment here.

This week meant a lot of creativity and flexibility. Creating our video was no joke exhausting, so this week meant a lot of work. Despite this workload, I am really proud of the video we made. We worked really hard on it. The script, footage and editing we’re all on point. However, we did accidentally leave out part of our video. So, if I could go back and change anything I would fix that lil mistake.

I am looking forward to next week as we are doing web and mashups. I have no idea what this means, so I’m scared and excited.

This week I was able to read some of my classmates work. Here are two posts I definitely suggest reading.

First up is Joshua Jenkins’ post about his Question and Answer Video.  I loved his authenticity in the video. It really drew me into the story he was telling with his answers. The only thing I suggested to him was to film his answers in landscape to match the video he was cutting into. I really enjoyed his video and his funny answers.

I also got to read Daniel Pan’s post about his video trailer. I am really excited to watch his final product as their concept seems really interesting. Basically, they are going to make a video about their tips/tricks/process for producing videos. Both Daniel and Eric make fantastic videos, so I am really excited to hear their insider tricks!

Question of the Week

This week Martha asked us:

“You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?”

The first thing I would do was fill up the bathtub with water. Yeah, you read that right. Not only would I fill up the bathtub with water, I would fill up literally every container I had with water. This is because I want clean water to drink for a long time. While everyone will be raiding stores for water, my smartass will be chilling at home hydrated af.

Well, that is it for now. See ya later folks.

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