Voyage of A Hammer

Hello everybody! It’s the end of Week 5 and boy has it been a lot.

To start off this week I tuned into the ds106 radio. I tuned in on Thursday so I was able to listen to “The Earth Abides” radio show. I really enjoyed tweeting along with the story and interacting with my classmates. Listening to the radio show also helped me identify good audio and radio techniques. Here are some tweets I sent out while live tweeting.

The first assignment I did this week was to choose one of the archetypes for myself and begin to imagine that individual’s name, history, and personality traits. I then completed the All Those Books assignment. I think that this is the work I am most proud of this week. I really spent a long time thinking about my character and their backstory and personality traits. Moreover, I made a boss video for my assignment. I mean the video itself is probably one of my favorite things I’ve made in this class.

The next post I did was a reflection post on some of the readings and watchings we did. I liked these readings/watchings we did because they taught me skills that I incorporated into my audio assignments this week.

The next assignment I did was the Frequency 2156 assignment. I was able to create an interesting radio message that hopefully people will be able to listen to on the Frequency 2156 website.

The next assignment I did was about my favorite quote. I chose a quote from “La Jetée” and then recorded myself saying it and mixed in some music.

The last assignment I did this week was the Sounds of Our city assignment. I really enjoyed this assignment as it allowed me to get more comfortable with Audacity and even play around a little with music.

This week I also did my first self evaluation. It was nice to reflect on my efforts in this class. I also like self grading as it really makes me think about what I have done and what grade I deserve.

Also this week I read some of my classmates posts. I especially love Jillian’s character introduction post. Jillian beautifully introduced her character and their fascinating backstory. It is definitely worth a read.

I also love Katie’s Some of the Good Sounds post. It is a very relaxing mix that no joke lowered my blood pressure. Give it a listen if you also want to be relaxed.

For me, this week meant re-discovering my love for audio work. I forgot how fun Audacity is and all the neat little tricks I used to know. So this week really was a revival of my audio skills.

If I could do the week over, I would change how playful I was with audio. This week I think I took it pretty easy and wasn’t as daring with my assignments. I think I could have had more fun with it and gone a little wild.

In terms of what I am looking forward to, I cannot wait to do Design. I really have no idea what design entails, but the prospect of it thrills me. I hope it has to do with maybe Photoshop or maybe something crazier? I have no idea.

Question of the Week 

This week Martha asked:

How are you feeling? Be specific.

Well, thanks for asking Martha. No one really has asked me how I am in a while, so this is nice. I’m stressed. School sucks. I’m tired. Uh…that’s about it. I don’t really have *feelings* outside of stress or anxiety so that pretty much covers it.

That’s it for this week. I’ll catch y’all on the flipside.

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