Highway to Video Week

Hiya everybody! This week has been a lighter work week for the class. This means that I’ve been able to recharge my creativity batteries and mentally prepare myself for the two weeks of video work ahead.

To start off the week, I completed this Daily Create where I was tasked with giving my favourite animal species a more descriptive name. I decided that I should reveal the fact that I don’t call dolphins, dolphins but BIG OLE WET BOIS. (i know i’m weird) If I could go back, I would have used a gif of a dolphin instead of an image to make a more lively Twitter reply. Well, should coulda woulda.

I also decided this week to be nice and make Martha and the DS106 Daily Create crew’s life easier by submitting more Daily Create ideas. My first submission was to create a DS106 Hall of Fame. This would give the DS106 fam an opportunity to award their fellow DS106ers for their efforts. Below is my example of what this Daily Create will look like.

Another Daily Create I submitted was a DS106 Story Gif Thread. Essentially, in the Daily Create tweet there will be a gif that a DS106er will reply to with another gif. Everyone will reply to the DS106er who last replied with a gif building off of the “story” we are creating together. The trick is to use not a lot of text and instead to find the perfect gif to continue the story. An example of what this thread could look like is here. I used the nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill to try and demonstrate what this story could look like.

Regarding what else has gone on this week, our Alt-F4 radio show finally graced the airwaves of DS106 Radio. It was really cool to listen to our own radio show and some of the other ones. I wrote about my thoughts on our radio show here.  

In terms of assignments, I had only one assignment this week. My assignment was to remix an assignment I have already completed for DS106. I chose to build off of a past audio assignment by making a video. This is the work I am proud of this week because I was able to resourcefully find videos and use effects to make a good video. You can see what I came up with here

This week Martha wanted us to increase our classes overall comment numbers. So instead of my usual two shoutouts, I’M DOING THREE. I have to say everyone has been making amazing work and that every week I find another thing that I am in awe of.

One of the assignments I’d like to shout out is Shannon’s graphic she made for her radio show. I loved the placement of everything on her graphic. I also suggested the Adobe Color Wheel to help her create a color scheme. This is one of my favorite tools to use especially when I wanted different portions of my graphics to be highlighted with different colors. Overall, I really enjoyed her simple, but effective graphic.

A post I’d suggest reading is Eric Shaw’s radio show post. He had a very nice drawing he had done of the alien invaders from his radio show. It was quite cool to see him bring a character from his radio show to reality. I also found it really interesting to read that his group used Logic Pro X to edit their podcast. I love hearing what tools and software people use as every single one has different functionality that I’ve never heard of! Definitely give Eric’s post a read.

The last post I’d like to shoutout is Casey’s weekly post about her group’s radio show. I had the great fortune of listening to her group’s WUMW radio show. The music they included was really fantastic and Alt-F4 squad was definitely singing along (I have to admit I sing off key so it wasn’t good singing 😅) Their vocals were a little quiet in places, so I recommended that WUMW use the amplify effect in Audacity in the future. I also really enjoyed Casey’s radio show graphic and the pen style border it had.

Question of the Week

This week Martha asked us:

What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

The one thing I could not live without during the apocalypse is coffee. By no means, am I a coffee addict. However, I imagine that I will be doing rounds and having to secure our bunker. Frankly, I am a night person but having to be alert and make sure that we don’t get infiltrated is another level to staying up late. So, I think that I’ll need coffee to keep on top of it all. I’ll most likely raid all the coffee shops in the area and get all their beans so I can brew. OR I’ll go around to all the rich people’s houses and steal their Keurigs and K-Cups.

Well, that is it for now friends. I’ll catch you on the flipside (AKA video week which I have been looking forward to since DAY 1!)

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2 Comments on “Highway to Video Week

  1. Can’t wait to see and do your Daily Creates!!! They look really awesome. Also, I’m nervous about video week(s) but I know it will be fun!

    I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to listen to your radio show, but I’m hoping Martha will post links/media files for everyone’s radio shows so I can listen to everyone’s shows that I missed.

    • Thank you! I am also nervous about video week. Anytime you need any help with your videos, feel free to stop by the DKC. We can definitely help you through and maybe inspire you a little! I’ll ask Martha if she can make a Slack Message with everybody’s links. You can find our Alt-F4 show here if you are interested!

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