Airwave Verdict

Hello everybody! Last night our group Alt-F4 got together to listen to DS106 Radio, namely WUMW and our own radio show.

We really enjoyed WUMW’s radio show. I really liked that it sounded like a normal UMW radio station with great jamz playing. Because they set it up like a normal radio show, the radio interruptions with announcements worked well. This added a flair of authenticity to their radio show and lent itself to the setting they were creating. This setting was also emphasized at the end when the zombies burst into the radio show. We did have a hard time hearing their audio since it was a little quiet, but this drew me in because I had to listen close to what they we’re saying. I really liked the show and the zombie invasion aspect of their radio show.

Good job Crystal, Anne, Casey and Geoff! Listen to WUMW’s radio show below.

After listening to WUMW’s radio show, our Alt-F4 show was on. I thought that we we’re going to be asked a lot of questions so I thought it would be best to gather all of us together. Ironically, no one really asked us questions so we ended up having an Alt-F4 listening party (complete with Girl Scout cookies). Even though we didn’t have any questions, we got some fabulous comments.

My favorite comment was from our lovely professor, Bartha Murtis, I mean Martha Burtis. We thought we would give everyone a heads up that our radio show is a little profane. Instead we got roasted by our professor (and mother).

I really enjoyed our Twitter dialogue we had going. It was interesting to interact with the class and joke about what we we’re saying.

In terms of what worked well about our radio show’s story, I felt we did a good job building off of shared experiences. Because we mention the wind storms and power outages, I felt like our listeners could view our show as an extension of things they already lived. Of course, we had to shout out our apocalyptic class. This S/O was another way we tried to draw our audience in.

Something that may have not worked as well in our story was not fully describing who Professor James is. I realized yesterday that we never explained that he was our advising Professor for our radio show. I feel like this missing little detail would explain a lot, especially why his ass is on the line when we’re talking shit.

Regarding story aspects, we tried to create a sense of place through our sound effects and sound clips. Moreover, we tried to develop characters by giving them easily recognizable traits. For example, Alex (AKA Daniel) would mess up the sound occasionally and would drop callers. This gave you something to relate to and draw you deeper into the story.

I found this entire process of writing, recording, editing and publishing a radio show very interesting. I found it fascinating to work with a group and create together as one collective. I also enjoyed listening to other groups shows and how they approached their ideas.

Well, that is it for now. I’ll catch you on the flipside folks.

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6 Comments on “Airwave Verdict

  1. Wow, you website looks like a combination of minecraft and myspace. I love this layout. Also I know how you feel when describing a character. You have a certain idea in your head on what they should be like but but hard to describe in a way that’s enteratining

    • Thanks! I love my weird retro website. And yes! It is really hard to translate what I think in my head to actual words.

  2. I tuned in to your radio show last week, and I think you all did an amazing job. It really sounded like something that would already be on the DS106 radio because of the music and how well it flowed. The background audio added a great effect to make it seem more like a real radio show. Great job!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. We definitely spent many a late night perfecting that background noise.

  3. Hey there! I’m really happy that you liked our WUMW broadcast. We enjoyed picking out the music, so we were really happy that people liked our choices. I’m not sure why the audio was quiet in some of those places since it was fine before, but it seems like it didn’t cause too much problems for our listeners. It also sounds like you had a really good group to work with! It would have been fun to eat Girl Scout cookies with my group, but we all have jobs and time restraints that made it difficult to get togethed at times. This was such a fun project, so I’m glad to hear you had fun with it as well 🙂

    • Yeah, the music and story was really good! In terms of the audio, it definitely might have been the playback of it on the radio that made it quieter for us. And yes we were lucky together one last time. I lowkey forced everyone to give up their plans to be there, but it was fun 😂

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