Inter-Plan-It Janet

Hello everybody! So this week I decided to torture myself and choose the Video Assignments: Path Two. This means that I get to make a video in a group! Yeah!

Jokes. Chris and I asked/begged Martha to let us do a video together. Martha graciously allowed a two person group exception with one stipulation that our video must be 9 minutes long.

The night Martha gave us the exception I went to bed and dreamt up our video idea. Essentially, our video is going to be a “Where Are They Now?” documentary based off of our Alt-F4 Radio Show. The video is basically a follow up to all the shit that happened. So cypherpunk106 (my character) and Professor James (Chris’ character) will be interviewed on their life after the virus/CDE/arrest incident. I do have to say that there is going to be a nice, juicy climax and even some delicious discoveries.

I then texted this idea to Chris at a god awful hour (sleep is for the weak) and requested a meeting.

Chris and I got together the next day and brainstormed further. We basically talked through my idea and wrote down what we felt our characters would be doing at this point in their lives. We also started a rough outline of our video and filled in some minor details.

Then Chris and I got together yesterday to write the script. I started by writing a more formal outline of our video so that Chris and I could go back and write it up. We basically split the script into two sections; rising action and climax to falling action. Chris is an excellent writer who really has an amazing grasp on his character. He also has really good ideas on how to connect these two different characters in a unified story. During this meeting we also read our script to nail down the conversational tone and timing. I do have to say that Chris is also a great little actor.

We finished up our meeting and set a date for our recording session. In between now and then I will write down the camera angles and other techniques I want to use while recording. Doing this will ensure I get the footage I want and hopefully prevent me from doing any reshoots.

I really can’t wait to get into the Advanced Media Production studio and make this video. Hopefully it turns out as good as I hope.

Well, that is it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Went Crazy Analyzing a Movie

Hello everybody! This week I was tasked with a couple of readings and watchings. In this post, I will reflect on all of these. SO STRAP IN.

To begin this week I read Roger Ebert’s “How To Read A Movie” article. I found this article very interesting, especially Ebert’s strong axis theory which demonstrates that placement in shots has a deeper meaning. What really resonated with me about this article is the fact that Ebert taught himself movie analysis. I relate to this as for the most part I self teach myself various skills (e.g. audio, video and movie editing). Moreover, Ebert’s notion of being loose when analyzing films hit home for me. I think what he was trying to say was that everything has layered meanings and sometimes things just have no meaning. It really depends.

The first watching I did was a compilation of Stanley Kubrick’s use of One-Point Perspective. This camera technique gives a tunnel vision effect to the shot. It also forces you to focus on the center and realize the importance of the object/person at the center.

The next video I watched was a compilation of Quentin Tarantino’s from Below shots. What I learned from watching these videos was that this effect demonstrates a person’s power. It also gives a foreboding feeling to the scene. In most of Tarantino’s movies, the from Below technique is used in place of a dead body so we can see others reactions to the corpse.

Another video I watched was the Top 20 Cinematic Techniques. Out of this list, I had a few favorite techniques. I loved the limitless zoom a lot. It is definitely a little much, but really cool simultaneously. Through this video I also understood what an Establishing Shot is. Before, I had no idea that it had a name. My last favorite from this video was the dutch angle. I liked the effect of it, especially that it led to sense that world was off somehow.

The last short video I watched was Hitchcock Loves Bikinis. I learned in this video that content matters. What happens in between a man smiling can make him either a creep or a sweet old man. This demonstration really impacted me as I saw how little changes influence the overall video.

The movie I watched this week was “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” Honestly, I have watched some very weird shit (looks directly at Frank), but this really took it out there. It really did take me an hour after watching the film to absorb what I saw.

Martha tasked us to analyze a scene from the movies we chose. So, I decided to break down the Doomsday Machine scene in “Dr. Strangelove.” Below is my video.

I was actually surprised at how many concepts from my above readings/watchings were in the video. Mainly, Roger Ebert’s strong axis theory and the from below shots. I really did enjoy “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” I think that it’s off the wall humor worked very well. I mean, everything is so serious in the film, and then a character dies because he is sitting on a missile while it drops and he SWINGS HIS FUCKIN COWBOY HAT.

I was literally cackling. I do have to say that the movie was weirdly realistic and that really drew me in. The characters were almost familiar (e.g. the General being the typical overly patriotic man) and this led me to get more invested in the plot.

Well, that is it for now folks. Thanks for tuning in, I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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Highway to Video Week

Hiya everybody! This week has been a lighter work week for the class. This means that I’ve been able to recharge my creativity batteries and mentally prepare myself for the two weeks of video work ahead.

To start off the week, I completed this Daily Create where I was tasked with giving my favourite animal species a more descriptive name. I decided that I should reveal the fact that I don’t call dolphins, dolphins but BIG OLE WET BOIS. (i know i’m weird) If I could go back, I would have used a gif of a dolphin instead of an image to make a more lively Twitter reply. Well, should coulda woulda.

I also decided this week to be nice and make Martha and the DS106 Daily Create crew’s life easier by submitting more Daily Create ideas. My first submission was to create a DS106 Hall of Fame. This would give the DS106 fam an opportunity to award their fellow DS106ers for their efforts. Below is my example of what this Daily Create will look like.

Another Daily Create I submitted was a DS106 Story Gif Thread. Essentially, in the Daily Create tweet there will be a gif that a DS106er will reply to with another gif. Everyone will reply to the DS106er who last replied with a gif building off of the “story” we are creating together. The trick is to use not a lot of text and instead to find the perfect gif to continue the story. An example of what this thread could look like is here. I used the nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill to try and demonstrate what this story could look like.

Regarding what else has gone on this week, our Alt-F4 radio show finally graced the airwaves of DS106 Radio. It was really cool to listen to our own radio show and some of the other ones. I wrote about my thoughts on our radio show here.  

In terms of assignments, I had only one assignment this week. My assignment was to remix an assignment I have already completed for DS106. I chose to build off of a past audio assignment by making a video. This is the work I am proud of this week because I was able to resourcefully find videos and use effects to make a good video. You can see what I came up with here

This week Martha wanted us to increase our classes overall comment numbers. So instead of my usual two shoutouts, I’M DOING THREE. I have to say everyone has been making amazing work and that every week I find another thing that I am in awe of.

One of the assignments I’d like to shout out is Shannon’s graphic she made for her radio show. I loved the placement of everything on her graphic. I also suggested the Adobe Color Wheel to help her create a color scheme. This is one of my favorite tools to use especially when I wanted different portions of my graphics to be highlighted with different colors. Overall, I really enjoyed her simple, but effective graphic.

A post I’d suggest reading is Eric Shaw’s radio show post. He had a very nice drawing he had done of the alien invaders from his radio show. It was quite cool to see him bring a character from his radio show to reality. I also found it really interesting to read that his group used Logic Pro X to edit their podcast. I love hearing what tools and software people use as every single one has different functionality that I’ve never heard of! Definitely give Eric’s post a read.

The last post I’d like to shoutout is Casey’s weekly post about her group’s radio show. I had the great fortune of listening to her group’s WUMW radio show. The music they included was really fantastic and Alt-F4 squad was definitely singing along (I have to admit I sing off key so it wasn’t good singing 😅) Their vocals were a little quiet in places, so I recommended that WUMW use the amplify effect in Audacity in the future. I also really enjoyed Casey’s radio show graphic and the pen style border it had.

Question of the Week

This week Martha asked us:

What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

The one thing I could not live without during the apocalypse is coffee. By no means, am I a coffee addict. However, I imagine that I will be doing rounds and having to secure our bunker. Frankly, I am a night person but having to be alert and make sure that we don’t get infiltrated is another level to staying up late. So, I think that I’ll need coffee to keep on top of it all. I’ll most likely raid all the coffee shops in the area and get all their beans so I can brew. OR I’ll go around to all the rich people’s houses and steal their Keurigs and K-Cups.

Well, that is it for now friends. I’ll catch you on the flipside (AKA video week which I have been looking forward to since DAY 1!)

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Dreaming Remix

Hello everybody! This week I was tasked with picking an assignment I have already completed and remix it. I like to leave things in the past and not try to redo things, so I decided to remix a past audio assignment with a video.

I decided to do a video so that I could prep myself for the upcoming video weeks.

Below is my video I made.

Behind the Process 

To begin this process I had to download my assignment from Soundcloud using this tool. I then went on a video hunting spree. I wanted the accompanying video to be in black and white and to have a 1930’s look. So, I scoured YouTube and found some suitable videos for this video. I then went into Final Cut Pro and threw everything together. Because I ripped videos from YouTube some of them have logos or timestamps. I was able to use some of my magic to get rid of one of the logos, but not all of them. If I could do this assignment again, I would try to understand masking more so I could figure out how to get all the logos gone. Regarding my other magic, I adjusted the exposure, made them all uniformly black and white and added some film grain. I added some other effects and then published it to Instagram.

I felt pretty good about the process of this assignment. When I was first doing the original assignment, I kept saying that I wanted to make it into a video. So, I have been thinking about what to include in this video for a while. However, one difficult part of the assignment was finding video footage that was exactly what I wanted. Because I had dreamed it up so much in my head, I could not find videos that replicated exactly what I wanted.

Something I learned through this process is Pasting Video Attributes. Because the black and white videos were colored a little differently, I wanted to make them look more uniform and appear to be from the same source. So, I adjusted the first clip and then copied the adjustments I made to the other clips. I think my efforts for getting a copacetic video is something I did well. However, this video feels a little boring to me. I could not figure out how to make it more exciting. Yet, I feel that I did the best with what I had.

I really liked this remixing a lot as I could extend the work I have already done into a different field of creativity.

Well, that is it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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Airwave Verdict

Hello everybody! Last night our group Alt-F4 got together to listen to DS106 Radio, namely WUMW and our own radio show.

We really enjoyed WUMW’s radio show. I really liked that it sounded like a normal UMW radio station with great jamz playing. Because they set it up like a normal radio show, the radio interruptions with announcements worked well. This added a flair of authenticity to their radio show and lent itself to the setting they were creating. This setting was also emphasized at the end when the zombies burst into the radio show. We did have a hard time hearing their audio since it was a little quiet, but this drew me in because I had to listen close to what they we’re saying. I really liked the show and the zombie invasion aspect of their radio show.

Good job Crystal, Anne, Casey and Geoff! Listen to WUMW’s radio show below.

After listening to WUMW’s radio show, our Alt-F4 show was on. I thought that we we’re going to be asked a lot of questions so I thought it would be best to gather all of us together. Ironically, no one really asked us questions so we ended up having an Alt-F4 listening party (complete with Girl Scout cookies). Even though we didn’t have any questions, we got some fabulous comments.

My favorite comment was from our lovely professor, Bartha Murtis, I mean Martha Burtis. We thought we would give everyone a heads up that our radio show is a little profane. Instead we got roasted by our professor (and mother).

I really enjoyed our Twitter dialogue we had going. It was interesting to interact with the class and joke about what we we’re saying.

In terms of what worked well about our radio show’s story, I felt we did a good job building off of shared experiences. Because we mention the wind storms and power outages, I felt like our listeners could view our show as an extension of things they already lived. Of course, we had to shout out our apocalyptic class. This S/O was another way we tried to draw our audience in.

Something that may have not worked as well in our story was not fully describing who Professor James is. I realized yesterday that we never explained that he was our advising Professor for our radio show. I feel like this missing little detail would explain a lot, especially why his ass is on the line when we’re talking shit.

Regarding story aspects, we tried to create a sense of place through our sound effects and sound clips. Moreover, we tried to develop characters by giving them easily recognizable traits. For example, Alex (AKA Daniel) would mess up the sound occasionally and would drop callers. This gave you something to relate to and draw you deeper into the story.

I found this entire process of writing, recording, editing and publishing a radio show very interesting. I found it fascinating to work with a group and create together as one collective. I also enjoyed listening to other groups shows and how they approached their ideas.

Well, that is it for now. I’ll catch you on the flipside folks.

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Hello everybody! These last two weeks have felt like forever. I feel totally out of my DS106 rhythm!!

To start off this two week process, I forgot to do the first required Daily Create on February 27. To pay my penance, I submitted a Daily Create idea. My Daily Create idea I submitted was to create a checklist of your post-apocalyptic daily routine is. One can even use a character from their novel, their DS106 character or a generic apocalyptic survivor to do the checklist on. My example is below:

The next Daily Create I did was to role play that I was the President and I had to give my first command to my government. At first wanted to say legalize marijuana, but I decided that true to my name, cypherpunk106, my character would have wanted to punish the assholes responsible for the BULLSHIT that happened (and continues to happen).

I decided that I wanted to be continually extra so I submitted another Daily Create idea. I decided to make this Daily Create a game. The game is to trick your fellow DS106ers by playing two similar introductions next to each other and then having your classmates reply. Below is my example.

Even though I really like this idea, if I could go back I would submit this idea as an audio project idea. After showing a few of my classmates, they told me that it sounds fun, but is a little too much for a Daily Create. So, if I could go back I would definitely save that idea for an assignment and not a Daily Create.

The last Daily Create I did was this week was to write a postcard to someone I love with a message you want to be sure they get. I decided that cypherpunk106 would write to their parents and for one last time say *sorry for disappointing you*.

So while all these Daily Creates were happening, I was working with my group, Alt-F4, on our radio show. I wrote about our process here (you can even listen to our show there too) The first thing I did for this group was create a gif logo. This gif and post are the work that I am proud of this week. I got to mess around in Final Cut Pro make something pretty creative. I think the end result was an interesting Alt-F4 logo.

The last two weeks also meant that I finally finished “Oryx and Crake” Margaret Atwood. You can read my thoughts here.

These last few weeks have meant a lot of independent working. This means that I had to make sure that I was up to track in my Daily Creates and the work I was doing for our radio show. The last two weeks have also meant a break from the routine that I have gotten into for DS106. This was nice because the freeform structure sparked my creativity and allowed me to be present in all the things I was working on.

Now that we are back to our normally scheduled DS106 class, I am looking forward to our video weeks. If you’ve been following along, I have been playing with Final Cut Pro and video shenanigans recently. I am really looking forward to an opportunity to use these skills and apply them to our DS106 class.

These last few weeks have allowed me an opportunity to read a few of my classmates posts. I didn’t want to listen to my classmates radio shows yet because that’s what we’ll be doing next week. So, I read a couple of posts that are pre-radio show meaning the work they did before they recorded their radio show.

I really liked Geoff’s post about his group meeting and planning their radio show. Geoff and his group are going to do a zombie invasion themed radio show! They also are going to interview their personal characters during their radio show. Geoff also created a super legit and really nice graphic for his radio show that I really liked.  

I also read Rachel’s post on her group meeting and her graphic designs. Her graphics for her radio show are adorable! I especially love the font and images she chose. The one below is my favorite one she designed.

Well, these last few weeks have definitely been interesting. I have loved hanging with my Alt-F4 group and doing shenanigans with them.

Question of the Week

This week Martha asked

“If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

Some kind of mutant, like a zombie, vampire, or werewolf?

A cyborg who looks like a human but is actually operating from an artificial intelligence?

A being from someplace other than Earth?

A supernatural being, capable of feats no human could even begin to comprehend?

A time-traveler with the ability to potentially travel back and forth in time to change the outcome of the apocalypse?

Something else?”

I would want to be a cyborg who looks like a human but is actually operating from an artificial intelligence. I think that this would be cool because I would be really smart. This also plays into my love of cyberpunk because I could be just a lil altered artificially, but still a lil human. I also don’t like emotions, so if I was a cyborg I wouldn’t have to feel things.

Well, that’s it for now. My DS106 brain needs a break. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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Radio Ga Ga Radio Goo Goo

Hello everybody! It feels like a millennium since I have written a blog post. Since my last post, my group, Alt-F4 has completed our radio show. Below is our radio show.

Behind the Process

We had somewhat of a slow start with our radio show. We met before Spring Break to decide our group name and start outlining our show. After we got the outline down, we met after Spring Break to start writing the script. That next night we recorded the audio. We really pushed to have our audio recorded early on so that we could use the majority of our time editing our audio. We did ended up having to record more audio later because we were short, but that wasn’t too big of a deal.

Editing on Audacity did take a lot longer than I anticipated. I have to say that this was difficult part of this assignment. One of our edited episodes that Katie and Chris did COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED.

It was really frustrating and we spent forever trying to find this file. I ended up re-editing the episode just because it would have taken us a long while to have redone it with the scraps we found.

On the other hand, this long editing process taught me a lot of different audio effects. I learned how to Normalize and get a Noise Profile to reduce the background noise. Shout out to Chris and Katie being patient with me during this editing process because they are MASTER PROS at editing and I AM NOT.

Something I found easy in this assignment was recording the audio. Even though we had to tinker with a couple of the mic settings, we managed to get really nice, crisp audio. I think that this is something we did well as our audio quality is really superb.

Something I want to improve is how under our radio show was. We were supposed to have 20 minutes, but we only got 14 minutes and a half. If I could go back and do this assignment again, I would have written more text so we made the 20 minutes. We did decide that adding 5 minutes after we wrote everything would mess up our story so we stuck with our strong 14 minute radio show.

I really did like this assignment because I got to play cool characters and mess around with audio. It was a lot of fun to hang with our Alt-F4 crew and bang out this project. If I had a choice, I would do this assignment again because it really did expand my audio horizons.

Well, that’s it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

BlyssPluss and ChickieNobs

Hello everybody! I finally finished “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood. Over Spring Break I forced myself to finish it on the airplane rides to and from California. I really enjoy reading books on airplanes because they are liminal spaces, so it’s easy to get into the imaginative space of what you’re reading. (side note: I highly suggest reading “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway on an airplane)

“Oryx and Crake” was a great read. I honestly enjoyed reading it because the author drew me in through their interesting use of exposition and tragic™ characters. Moreover, the author’s ability to create a sense of place in the forest that Snowman abides in and Paradice really got me hooked on the story.  

Furthermore, the series of flashbacks over “Oryx and Crake” was something that worked well. You never got a full idea of Snowman’s past. Instead you were spoon fed little parts over the chapters that built up into one whole story. I really liked this because I got to use my imagination and fill in the gaps in the story.

Something that didn’t work in this story how much of a straight white male Snowman was. Honestly, it was hard to relate to him because most of his problems were really just sad boi issues. I kept thinking “really bro? Your problems are like all in your head. Everyone had a shitty childhood, get over it.”

“Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood had a few plot elements that really resonated with me. Specifically, the cloning of animals and tinkering with animal DNA reminded me of the whole Barbra Streisand dog cloning situation. Really, the whole theme of “Oryx and Crake” is don’t fuck with human nature. Messing with human nature will only lead to some apocalyptic disaster in which all humans die and only some mutant offshoot of humans will live. Just don’t mess with it. This idea connects back to Barbra Streisand’s dog cloning because PETA and other organizations hazard against cloning and speak out against it, but Barbra like Crake and others in “Oryx and Crake”, ignore the warnings and continue down their fateful road.  

“Oryx and Crake” was truly a fascinating read because of its statements on cloning and human nature. I really found this quote by Crake particularly interesting:

Watch out for art, Crake used to say. As soon as they start doing art, we’re in trouble. Symbolic thinking of any kind would signal downfall, in Crake’s view. Next they’d be inventing idols, and funerals, and grave goods, and the afterlife, and sin, and Linear B, and kings, and then slavery and war.”

This statement to me was fascinating because he viewed art as the downfall of man. Of course, I disagree. I feel that a society that embraces art is strong and would not devolve into failure.

Anyways, I really liked “Oryx and Crake” because it really messed with my head and got me thinking for days after I finished it.

Well, that is it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

Gif It Good

Hello everybody! This week I met with my group, Alt-F4, and started working on our radio show. We really got to dig deep and talk about what we want for our show. Needless to say, it’s going to be amazing.

For the first week of our radio show, I was tasked with creating one promo poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. I decided that we really needed a cool logo gif. I think a gif is a little different than just a stationary logo because it has motion and depth.

Below is the gif I created.


Behind the Process

I made this gif when our group was all together. We decided that the Binary font and the Binary hex color text would be our standard/go-to. Being me, I had to use the Matrix falling code video some way. The falling code ironically matches our theme so it actually makes sense in the gif. Moreover, Chris suggested using the TV cutaway effect to end the gif. This was a really good idea as it gives our gif a feeling of finality.

To start this assignment, I downloaded the Matrix falling code video and the TV cutaway. I then went into Final Cut Pro and set my canvas as a square. I then combined my clips and titles to get the video I wanted. Afterwards, I exported my video and created the gif in Photoshop.

One difficult thing about this assignment was finding the TV cutaway effect. After some googling, I finally found a video that worked. However, I ran into issues because of the white square that minimizes to get the effect. After playing around with transitions and effects, I decided to cut the video to the final seconds. This gave it the effect we wanted, but did not include the overwhelming white of the clip. So, I really learned to use jump cuts as transitions did not really work in this short video/gif.

Something I would do a little differently was to make the title last a little longer. Nevertheless, I think because the gif loops the title is still visible. I think that acknowledging the loop of a gif and the other limits of the format was something I did well. Having worked with gifs a lot, I found it easy to keep my video short so that when I transformed it into a gif the quality loss wouldn’t be too bad.

I liked this assignment because I got to create a different type of logo. It was really fun to make this as it was the first branding for Alt-F4. I think that gif logos are something I would do again. I think that they are a different take on a logo and can add a je ne sais quoi to a brand.

Well, that is it for now folks. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

You’ve Got Mail

Hello everyone! Week 6 is over and that makes me sad because I really liked this weeks’ work. I really did enjoy thoughtfully creating and using the skills I learned through our design lessons.

I started this week off with a high as the mandatory Daily Create was the one I submitted! I absolutely loved seeing everybody’s take on what I wrote up. Some of them were funny and some even pulled at the ole heart strings a little. I was so proud of what everyone made that I indeed when on a little Twitter liking spree.

My first actual Daily Create of the week was to use the Movie Pitch Generator to come up with a fake movie plot. Then I was tasked to come up with the title for my fake movie and put it on a poster. I used Canva and came up with the image below. This is the work I want to improve this week. Let’s be real. That Joey edit is HORRIBLE. I was really lazy with this and could have exerted some more effort and edited in Joey a little bit better.

The next Daily Create I did was to make a apocalyptic logo with some inspiring/informative/despairing text. I found this nice little quote and then popped it into Canva. I used one of their templates in the beginning and then changed the colors and alignment to make it more of my own.

The next thing I did for DS106 was my readings and watchings. These readings and watchings really set the mood for the work I did this week. I wrote about how what I learned in this process here.

My first assignment of the week was a Design Blitz. This was a lot of fun for me because I was able to analyze designs and look at them through the lense of design principles.

One of the challenging assignments I did this week was create an alternative book cover for “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood. I rose to the challenge and made my book cover a gif (below). You can read about my process here

Another fun design assignment I did this week was to design my character. For the last few weeks I have been cypherpunk106, but now cypherpunk106 is their own person. This was a really great process because it turned cypherpunk106 into a separate thing who is bigger THAN ME NOW.

Because I am a smart person who likes to challenge themself, I only had to do 4 stars from the Assignment Bank. Thus I decided to do one 4 star assignment and really hit it out of the park. I decided to create a Valentine’s Day card that was cool and hip with it. This is the work I am most proud of this week. I really made a cool video with a lot of different elements. I of course did this at like midnight so I was in a weird mood. So the video makes NO SENSE but IT’S COOL RIGHT?

my behind the scenes for the video I made. honestly, someone give me an answer to this.

Another great thing that happened this week was forming our group. Being me, I decided to form A SUPERGROUP. Basically I recruited people who are good at things and would work well together. So, watch this space because I am sure we are going to dominate the work.

Also this week, I was able to hunt for some evidence. I am not sure what the evidence means, but I found this little paper on a table on the fourth floor of the HCC. I am looking forward to finding more evidence and putting all together. What does it mean? It means an opportunity to PEPE SILVIA IT.

This week I was able to read some of my classmates’ work. I especially want to shout out Rachel Harris and her Design Assignments post. Her Lost poster for Martha’s hat was hilarious and really reminded me of those “This is not your bag!” luggage tags. She also created an amazing font for her character. In fact it gave me some nice 70’s vibes, specifically of  The Mary Tyler Moore Show logo.

Another one of my classmates posts that I loved was Daniel’s alternative cover for “Galápagos” by Kurt Vonnegut. He chose a really beautiful color scheme and really showed that he internalized this weeks design lessons. I just really liked this cover and deadass at first though it was the real cover. Good job Daniel 👏

This week’s work meant to me an actual opportunity to sit and learn about what makes good design. For the last few years I have been making graphics for things, but without any background or real knowledge of what I was doing. Now I feel I have the techniques and knowledge to create skillfully.

Question of the Week

This week Martha asked:

“What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?”

The most successful group I was part of was when I was a leader in a girls organization when I was 13-15 years old. We experienced a little bit of a golden age when I was leading it in these years. When I first joined the organization at 12 years old, we didn’t have a lot of members and we’re in a slump. I joined during the end of the slump and then helped push the group out of this period in time. It wasn’t just my efforts that contributed to this “golden age”. It was the work of a lot of talented people who all knew their strengths and how to use these strengths to make us better and more competitive. I think that all of us finding our niche and communicating well is what led to the group working tremendously well.

Well, that is it for now. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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