Voyage of A Hammer

Hello everybody! It’s the end of Week 5 and boy has it been a lot. To start off this week I tuned into the ds106 radio. I tuned in on Thursday so I was able to listen to… Read More

We’ll Always Have Paris

Hello everyone! So this is it for Week 4. Despite the lighter workload, I still struggled this week to keep up. Below I am going to give you a quick overview of the work I did and analyze… Read More

This Post Needs More Cowbell

Hello everyone! This week has been crazy hectic. I feel like I haven’t stopped doing assignments! So I am going to run through my assignments and talk about them. I have linked to them if you want to… Read More


Hello everyone! This week has meant a lot to me namely work (*looks at Martha and whispers “whyyy”*). That being said every reading and watching (my new phrase) was worth it as it lead into the assignment and… Read More

The Flickerings of Cypherpunk106

Hello everyone, it’s me cypherpunk106. This week has been exciting and been a lot of creating. I started the week by joining the Slack channel and introducing myself. I decided to be different and create a gif of… Read More