Sound And Silence

“In radio, you have two tools. Sound and silence.” -Ira Glass Hello everybody! Today I am going to reflect on some of the watchings and readings I did this week. To begin I want to explain my experience… Read More

A Time Traveler and A Bad Driver

Hello everybody! Today’s post is going to be split into two different sections as I watched two different movies for my assignments. If you don’t like spoilers I would suggest not reading on further. “La Jetée” For the first… Read More

This Is The Way The World Ends

This week I read two different short stories. I have separated my reflection in two so that I am able to go in depth on each story.  The Screwfly Solution The first short story I decided to read… Read More


Hello everybody. I’m here with a casual Assignment and Reading Reflection post.  To start off this reflection I am going to talk about the “End Day” BBC special. This special basically showed 5 different end day scenarios in… Read More