Sounds of Mad Max

Hello everybody! For my last assignment of the week I chose the ¡Sounds Of Your City! Assignment. In this assignment I was tasked with recording different sounds I hear throughout the day. I then would take these sounds… Read More

Her Visitor

Hello everybody! This week I chose to do the “Quote With A New Feeling” assignment. In this assignment I was to find a quote and record myself saying it. After recording myself, I was to mash up my… Read More

Pick Up I’m Calling

Hello everybody! This week I explored Frequency 2156. Frequency 2156 is a community based Internet radio from the post-apocalyptic future. Essentially, you can go around the world and listen to radio messages that people have published. Thinking critically… Read More

All Those TV’s

Hello everyone! Today am I going to introduce you to cypherpunk106, who is my character. They’re pretty cool, so I’m excited to introduce you to them. I actually somewhat chose cypherpunk106’s archetype way way back and wrote a… Read More

A Time Traveler and A Bad Driver

Hello everybody! Today’s post is going to be split into two different sections as I watched two different movies for my assignments. If you don’t like spoilers I would suggest not reading on further. “La Jetée” For the first… Read More

And Then There Were Two

For my latest assignment, I had to reconstruct an image of a billboard by photo editing the image. I decided to give my billboard a zombie apocalypse feel. Below is my finished masterpiece (P.S. for some reason the quality… Read More

Monticello: Apocalypse Stronghold

Hello everyone! My first assignment for this week was to take a before and after picture of a person, place, or thing that has survived the apocalypse. Being me, I decided to ignore the instruction to not rely… Read More

World On Fire

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share with you a lot of different things. So strap in and get cozy, cause boi is this post gonna be long. To begin I am going to share what I… Read More

A Cold Skyscraper

Hello everybody! For my last assignment from the Writing Assignment Bank this week, I decided to do the Haiku It Up! assignment.  Here is my haiku: Abandon nighttime   A cold skyscraper destroy   betrayed by the cloud… Read More

*Insert Part About Owning Your Soul*

 For this assignment, I will be writing the Terms of Service for the apocalypse. *clears throat* Let us begin. Terms of Service-Intro The following terms govern your access to our services including making your life hell, running from… Read More