Axpert: a combination of the Archivist and Expert archetypes.

-A definition by cypherpunk106

Hello everyone! Today I am going to discuss the type of archetypical character that I’ve encountered in apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction.

The archetypal character that I’ve encountered a lot on apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is the Archivist. The characteristics of the Archivist includes collecting or hoarding technology. They hoard technology for two  reasons; maintaining knowledge until humanity is ready for it again or collecting it for personal reasons (value/power/nostalgia/it’s pretty). I think the Archivist archetype bleeds into the Expert Archetype. These overlap as the main characteristic of the Expert is having a useful skill and the equipment (like old tech) to do said skill. In general, Archivist/Expert combination is very skilled and can manipulate older technology if needed. They also find personal value in the technology itself.

The first example of the Archivist/Expert that I have is Julian Casablancas (yes, a musician) in his 11th Dimension music video. The character he plays has a lot of older tech (especially recording equipment) that he enjoys for personal reasons.

Moreover, an example that speaks to more of the Expert side of this combination is Aaron Pittman in Revolution (TV Show). Aaron Pittman is an MIT graduate who is really good at writing code and technology in general. This is why I believe you could argue that he is an Archivist because he preserves old knowledge of coding and when needed, whips it out.

Here are two videos that speak to the magic of Aaron Pittman if you are curious.

Lastly, J-Bone (my mans Ice T) is a prime example of the Archivist/Expert combination. J-Bone is an expert as he has the knowledge of how to use THE DOLPHIN and also leads the Lo-Teks movement which has a lot of older technology around Heaven (their base).

I have really enjoyed thinking about archetypes and which ones I’ve encountered a lot. I definitely identify with this archetype a lot (*hint, hint*) and could really picture myself hoarding tech (ya know, for the cause).

That’s it folk, I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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