A Cold Skyscraper

Hello everybody! For my last assignment from the Writing Assignment Bank this week, I decided to do the Haiku It Up! assignment

Here is my haiku:

Abandon nighttime


A cold skyscraper destroy


betrayed by the cloud

Behind the Process

For this assignment we had to take a random Dailyshoot photograph and create a haiku using that image. I think that Dailyshoot is something DS106 sections of olde used to do. So, I decided to just Google Search “apocalypse” and choose a random image. I choose this image:

I then decided to look at the photo and write down any words that came to mind. I made the following list:

  • Destruction
  • Cold
  • Empty
  • Unspoken
  • Waste
  • Skyscraper
  • Clouds
  • Night
  • Destroy
  • Betrayal

I then felt like I had enough inspiration to write my haiku. If anyone who is reading this knows me IRL, they know I am actually really bad at counting syllables. It’s one of those weird things I never really picked up well. So for me, actually counting syllables was the most difficult part of this assignment. However, after many minutes of clapping the syllables to myself, I was able to come up with my beautiful haiku.

Something I think I did well was giving the haiku a tense, somewhat mysterious vibe. I feel like this mood pushes people to read more into the subtext. I also think it helps that the haiku is apocalypse themed as well.

Moreover, something I want to improve is connecting all the lines together into more of a story. My haiku does have some of a story as one can assume the “cloud” refers to an apocalyptic weather disaster. However, I want *more*. I want it to draw people in and really tell them something.

This assignment also taught me a valuable lesson: to limit my ideas to a few words and lines. I struggled with this aspect a little, but I really did come to terms with it. Hopefully that can be seen in the end result.

As always (sorry to sound like a broken record), I found it easy to insert gifs into my post. I think I just have an affinity for gifs. I’m just able to search them out and find that diamond in the rough. Or maybe the gifs are looking for me.

Overall, I liked this assignment as it forced me to limit my thoughts and express my creativity in a short amount of space.

Well, that is it everyone. I’ll catch you on the flipside.


4 Comments on “A Cold Skyscraper

  1. Very nice — and I love your behind the process write-ups. I find them as interesting as the work itself. (Also, thanks for linking to the assignment you did. When people don’t do this and/or don’t talk about what the process was, I can’t easily figure out what assignment then did!)

    Did you never learn the trick of putting your fingers on your chin to count syllables? Or does that not work, either?

    • Thank you! I do enjoy writing the behind the process write-ups. I feel like Lee would be proud because it is a little bit of metacognition/learning reflection. And I just Googled the chin method and wow where has that been all my life. I think you just solved my syllable dilema 😅

  2. This is so cool! I like how your haiku talks about the world during the apocalypse! I also LOVE GIFs and so I love how you used them to illustrate your writing! Also the ‘behind-the-scenes’ you use to explain your process is a great touch! Great job!

    • I love gifs too! I really find them useful to add meaning or highlight something that I want to add focus to. Thank you!

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